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   Common sense problems that steelmaking must understand (3) [20/06/19 08:41AM]   
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9. What are the ways to reduce oxide inclusions in steel? Answer: To reduce oxide inclusions in steel, foreign inclusions should be minimized. Improve the purity of raw materials; adopt reasonable smelting process, deoxidation system and refining process of molten steel according to the requirements of steel grade; improve the quality and performance of refractory materials used in converter and gating system; reduce and prevent secondary oxidation of molten steel, maintain normal Casting temperature, full protection casting, select good performance of protective slag; the selection of reasonable steel hot processing and heat treatment process are beneficial to improve the properties of inclusions and improve steel quality. 10. Why is argon gas blown without nitrogen? Answer: Argon in inert gas, which is not dissolved in molten steel and reacts with any element, is an ideal stirring gas and is therefore widely used. Nitrogen is the same as argon in terms of agitation, and nitrogen is cheap, but at high temperatures, nitrogen can be dissolved in molten steel, and its nitrogen increase increases with temperature and nitrogen blowing time. When the temperature is higher than 1575 ��C When the nitrogen content in the steel is increased by 0.003%, which affects the quality of the steel, the use of nitrogen as a stirring gas is limited, and only a small amount of nitrogen-containing steel can be used as a stirring gas, and there is also a nitrogen-inducing instability. problem. 11. What is the significance of the decarburization reaction for the steelmaking process? Answer: 1 The carbon in the molten iron is oxidized by the decarburization reaction to be close to or equal to the specification of the carbon in the molten steel at the time of tapping. 2 The cyclic agitation of the molten pool 3 The CO produced is necessary to remove the gas in the steel. 4 is conducive to the elimination of non-metallic inclusions in steel. 5 provides a heat source for the steelmaking reaction. 6 is conducive to the reaction between the slag steel in the blowing process. Read More: [url=https://www.costasteelpipes.com/]Stainless Steel Pipes & Coil Manufacturer, Supplier | CostaSteel[/url] [url=https://www.costasteelpipes.com/pipes-products/]China Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturer and Supplier[/url] [url=https://www.costasteelpipes.com/coils-products/]Cold & Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil Supplier[/url] [url=https://www.costasteelpipes.com/sheets-products/]2B , No.1 Stainless Steel Sheets Prices[/url] Read More:


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