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Radiator: The plate-fin air-cooled radiator is used to ensure that the system works at the highest allowable temperature. Main oil pump: using German Harvey/Rexroth/Kawasaki series. Lubrication system: The use of automatic multi-point lubrication technology, one-to-one lubrication, better results, effectively prolong the service life of vulnerable parts. Power System: The motor series is powered by well-known brands at home and abroad: Yantai Motor, Qingdao Motor, Siemens Bed Motor. Diesel Engine Series: The original Volvo and Revo diesel engines are used in the power system. Electrical part: The main electrical products adopt Schneider and LG products to improve the reliability of electronic control system. Hydraulic hose joint: Hydraulic hose joint adopts American Eaton products to ensure the safety of hydraulic system and no leakage. Big cylinder seals: Big cylinder seals adopt American Parker products. S-pipe valve: S-pipe valve is cast in high manganese steel, and easy to wear surface is surfacing welded with anti-wear material. It has the advantages of high pressure and wear resistance. Eyeglasses plate cutting ring: eyeglasses plate, cutting ring hard carbide inlay manufacturing, durable. Piston: The piston is precisely processed from imported materials. It has excellent quality of hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Characteristics and advantages of full hydraulic control hydraulic system: Extend the service life of components: Full hydraulic control reversing hydraulic system is adopted. Pumping and S-pipe distribution alternating direction action does not need the participation of electric signals. The reversing impact is small and the noise is low, which significantly improves the service life of hydraulic pumps and valves. Improving the reliability of the equipment: The whole hydraulic control system eliminates the intermediate link of the electronic control signal and greatly improves the reliability of the whole equipment. Reduce the failure frequency: The hydraulic control reversing hydraulic system adopts centralized valve plate, which centralizes the main system hydraulic valve to the valve plate, reduces the cross-connected pipelines, makes the system more compact and reduces the chance of oil leakage. Reduce maintenance costs: the hydraulic system with full hydraulic control direction, delete the four parts which are easily damaged in the electronic control commutation system, and reduce the maintenance costs of equipment. Mailbox: contact@evpvacuum.com Website source: www.evpvacuum.com Related products: read more:


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