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   Just like a machine that configuring broadband routers [14/03/18 06:27AM]   
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We right click on the 2000 Watt 2kw 2kva Solar System With Great Price neighborhood local connection properties, open the dialog box, select the TCP/IP option, select the Internet protocol in the TCP/IP option (TCP/IP) options "in the pop-up dialog box in order to enter the IP address, default gateway, DNS this several options, in the LAN, we generally use the private IP address C here we address IP, type 192.168.0.x, where x each machine should be different, such as, The subnet mask XP operating system will be automatically generated according to the IP address you have entered, suggesting that the user should not modify it randomly.

It also needs to be noted that our broadband router is set to address, so our client can't use this IP address, otherwise it will cause all machines can't share Internet access due to IP address conflict.

After setting up the PC IP address, we set the default gateway to the IP address Solar Panel Sales 160w Military Grade Foldable Solar Panel Solar Energy For Home of the broadband router. When our Internet is on the Internet, it will send the connection request to the broadband router.

Finally, we set up the DNS server. This option will be different according to the different regions and the line providers. Here we enter, and users can set the specific line according to their own broadband lines. Well, with this setup, PC in the LAN can share the Internet through broadband routers.

Summary: through all these steps, we can use the broadband router to share Internet access, broadband router, there are many more advanced options, such as DHCP, security and so on, readers can understand the specific application of these options from the PROMOTION PRICE 280WATT SOLAR PANEL WITH WITH CE UL TUV IEC CERTIFICATE site to the appropriate configuration according to their actual needs.


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