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of the industry's total output in April after reaching a high point by the market all the way down from the daily average production point of view, the highest decline of 12.4%. Although there was a significant recovery in August, the September decline in production is expected to make the amount of resources put on the market for six

months at a level that is not too high. At the same time, at this time with the first half of the biggest difference is that demand is experiencing a stabilized recovery after the fall, and the cost of pressure makes tonne profit in the vicinity of profit and loss balance of steel prices rise is almost inevitable. Continue to optimistic about long products

and flexible steel companies such as Bayi Iron and Steel, three steel Min Guang, Liu Gang shares, emerging cast pipe, etc. First, because large enterprises energy-saving emission reduction targets better than small businesses, in the current round of regulation, The impact of large enterprises is relatively small. Therefore, the listed steel

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