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con to abroad strong environment and awe. Current, bank of harbor of Jiangsu Zhang Jia already became the whole nation's famous dye rosewood to basically import distribution recycle plastic sheets cladding south africa centre, according to statistic, this port imported rosewood of dye of 44 thousand stere 2016. 2017, because the abidance of prices is fervent, import volume rises considerably, the import volume of rosewood of dye of bank of Home Zhang

harbor has achieved 46 thousand stere painting composite deck furniture first half of the year, rise compared to the same period 109% . Lumber price rises together industry or will be faced with shuffle Review domestic lumber industry, as we have learned, the Jilin, Yunnan, Guangxi big province that produces timber all expresses forestry considerably reduction of output. Below this kind of circumstance, each lumber wpc lighter than wood price rises together to

resemble is one have to " hard decision " , lumber rises in price impetus is restrained hard. Seek advice from development of issuance Chinese lumber industry to study preservation briefs porch decking the report understands according to 1000 dispatch, of high-grade lumber price rise extent can be achieved probably 15%- - 20% . According to website of Chinese timber industry investigation shows, the customer that has 84.75% thinks, of lumber


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