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Since last year, peaceful wave wood and wooden furniture exit are answered continuously firm to good, present a favorable development situation. As Ning Bo traditional advantage exports a product, wooden furniture exit covers the numerous variety such as floor of real wood furniture, board type furniture, wood,diy composit retaining wall ligneous handicraft, the product is sold past United States, European Union, Australia, Japan, middle east and east the 140 many countries such as alliance and area. Euramerican publish new standard in succession, wooden furniture exit encounters trade barrier.

Suffer international banking crisis, abroad in last few years technical raw material of trade barrier, home rises reach labor cost to rise the influence that waits for an element,fibre wood cladding in south africa wooden furniture exports Ceng Yi to spend backwater not before, walk with difficulty.

Brook of peaceful wave kind is the whole nation the biggest antiquated furniture treatment creates exit base, one piece also be economy of peaceful wave characteristic shines wholesale composite dog ear fence beautiful calling card, emerge in large numbers gave many 30 outstanding and antiquated furniture to create a company, formed year of export goods to be worth the group of antiquated furniture industry of more than 50 million dollar.outside wpc deck


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