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11 days afternoon, sun just in time, open a when come from Lhasa urban district old freight car enters new market trimly. "Master, toward left abduct, that is my field! "shed makers in coventry busy direct removes the bosses of driver master, each is familiar with each field very, they had been finished a few days afore ballot and signed an agreement, the day before yesterday they uninstall goods smoothly inside new market.

"Field plans very reasonably, get greatly again very, outfit discharging content is very convenient. " of discharging among them agitato of a boss says, there can be more outdoor flooring for terrace businesses after he hopes to be stationed in new market, it is better that the day is crossed.

The relevant chief that directing resettlement in new market introduces, new lumber market always covers an area of 367.5 mus, manage an area actually 150 thousand the left shower wall panels northampton and right sides that make the same score rice, add up to 220 mus, can accommodate Lhasa basically the lumber distributor of whole the city zone door, it is the lumber with the at present most large-scale Tibet trades the market. outdoor deck manufacturer


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