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   TU 14-3-460-75 Cold drawn Carbon Steel seamless tube for High pressure [13/09/17 05:08AM]   
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... (DOM) tube, cold drawn seamless tube and hot finished seamless tube. ... Carbon & Alloy Steel ; Tube ; ... Carbon Steel Tube.

... Hot-Deformed Steel Tubes-Range GOST 8733-74 Seamless Cold and Warm Deformed Steel Tubes-Technical requirements GOST 8734-75 Seamless Cold and Warm ...

Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe for High ... pressure...

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   big important pillar [12/09/17 01:53PM]   
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lumber machines an industry to already made one of industries of one big important pillar gradually, urgent affairs wants the aggrandizement service, bottleneck that defeat Boosting Stiffness Of A Composite Panel solution, development to be done do strong lumber to machine an industry...

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   solid wood flooring technology to create [12/09/17 01:19PM]   
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guests: "days grid Shuangling" Wuxi Marketing Center General Manager: Wang Guomin, "days grid Shuangling" Suzhou Marketing Center General Manager: Fu Tingfang, [interview (Solid wood floor lock) technology to lead the new concept of solid wood flooring "very" way,

[interview]: 1, solid wood floor lock technology to achieve real solid wood flooring "DIY". 2, solid wood...

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   business flourishing wood [12/09/17 11:40AM]   
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black line of business flourishing wood,wait for big company drive, 15 thousand farmer is in board industry obtain employment. Want to know, this town calculates on old person pool deck plans 24 foot round child, total population also does not pass 42 thousand.

The dining room of wooden industry is celebrated...

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   flooring will be more high-end [12/09/17 08:11AM]   
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pure solid wood flooring will be more high-end and aristocratic, and more resource-saving solid wood flooring and laminate flooring will have greater room for growth The The reporter learned that Zhejiang Nanxun, Guangdong flooring manufacturers have begun to seek new raw materials channels.

Under the influence of the property market policy, inflation, and the difficulty...

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