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   green building materials [15/01/18 10:45AM]   
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national energy-saving product award, green building materials product certification, the product has been the authority of the domestic building materials and components through the quality, acoustic performance, thermal properties of national fire building materials quality inspection and a number of tests, are in line with national standards.

Integrated quick wall...

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   generally imported products [15/01/18 10:32AM]   
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technical staff for the summer decoration good or bad: Summer. Dry, the weather is good. The high temperature decoration of these volatile raw materials, toxic substances play faster, shortening the time of our stay, so we think the summer decoration house is a good choice. Autumn is also good. The reason is the autumn sky high, the air is

dry, the material is also dry,...

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   true portrayal of this phenomenon [15/01/18 10:08AM]   
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"Wind up Siberia, dust Alashan" is a true portrayal of this phenomenon. The pace of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 is approaching. The "Green Olympics" has become the focus of attention of the world. The environmental governance in the capital Beijing is becoming increasingly urgent.

The increasingly serious dust hazard has become the "number one killer" in environmental...

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   summer decoration good or bad [15/01/18 08:47AM]   
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renovated rooms, new furniture and other harmful gases emitted. According to the personage introduction, these cured flavor cleaners are generally imported products, the use of ammonia compounds and harmful substances in chemical reactions, which played a role in removing odor cleaning. In the newly renovated room, you can put this

flavor removal detergent into the plate,...

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   rapid Light wood [15/01/18 08:32AM]   
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by moth and grow rapid Light wood is the world on most fast unripe tree is planted one of, can grow 56 meters one year, diameter 5, 13 centimeters. Because organization plywood substitute Italy of the cell inside its body is newer very fast, each part of plant is unusually small soft and rich flexibility. Light wood...

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