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   choosing a wooden floor [10/09/18 04:50AM]   
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market. Their almost all the products are carrying huge discounts, so what are you waiting for just go and grab the opportunity as fast as possible. They even supply special wooden furniture to their concerned clients as per their demand. So, for any sort of requirement in this particular field you know the expert to deal with. External floors what

" benefits...

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   unqualified indicators are formaldehyde emission [10/09/18 03:13AM]   
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Mainly for the integrated market, professional market, shopping malls and other business premises, a total of 177 batches of samples were randomly selected. After testing, the unqualified corporate brands include: Senzheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd.,

Beijing Maisheng Building Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ou Ming Wood Co., Ltd., Jining Shengdi Yamu Industry Co., Ltd., Yunnan...

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   roller coating UV bottom [07/09/18 01:06PM]   
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Continuous production can reflect its efficiency and cost control. 3, the effect of the roller coating finish is slightly worse than the PU topcoat product. 4. The roller coating product requires the coated part to be flat. Common processes: 1, UV bottom, UV surface 2, UV bottom,

PU surface (application) The most extensive) common construction methods: 1, roller coating...

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   least for them to look vaguely [07/09/18 12:28PM]   
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are many options you can consider when picking a new floor. For instance, white plastic floors with double-glazed walls are very popular, as they are sturdy and are built to last for many years. However, you might prefer a wooden floor. There are still many things to consider when choosing a wooden floor, such as whether you want a painted or

" 3x8mm...

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   the paint contains free formaldehyde [07/09/18 09:18AM]   
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3. The transparency is good 4. The yellowing resistance is good. Because the paint contains free formaldehyde, the physical damage to the builder is more serious, and most companies no longer use such products. Unsaturated resin coating (PE) has the following advantages: 1. It has good hardness and can reach more than 3H.

2. The topcoat can make high gloss. 3. Wear resistance,...

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