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   industry has become increasingly fierce [20/03/18 01:43AM]   
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and to a certain extent, can have an important impact on the direction of the domestic home market. In recent years, the younger trend of the furniture industry has become increasingly fierce and more and more lively. Especially at this year's major furniture exhibitions,

the rejuvenation of furniture has become a phenomenon that can be seen everywhere. In this regard,...

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   solar refrigeration products and systems [19/03/18 10:41AM]   
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solar tube fittings, solar control systems, Solar heat pipes, vacuum tube collectors, plate collectors, engineering headers, insulation materials, hot and cold water pumps, brackets, photovoltaic equipment accessories, batteries and other related production equipment and accessories materials;

Fourth, solar energy Other products: solar refrigeration products and systems...

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   Furnace enterprises have converted to electric furnaces in succession [19/03/18 10:12AM]   
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Striking one snag after another development to 2002, the county fire 163 enterprises, annual 50677 tons of coal, more than 2000 tons of soot discharged, more than 8000 tons of sulfur dioxide, "smoke" become Changxin people's heart. Changxin is the town of fire. The fire industry has been one of the pillar industries. The chimney under the chimney has been the "mother industry"...

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   Censer [19/03/18 08:16AM]   
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This censer also has a unique feature, that is, blue and white glaze hair color is relatively pure. From the end of the Jiajing period in the late Ming Dynasty, the green materials were transported back and forth from the Western Regions and matched with Jiangxi's Shi Ziqing as the color of the blue and white flowers. If the ratio of green material is slightly higher, for example,...

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   rectify and reform [19/03/18 08:09AM]   
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faces the destiny that rectify and reform. Stock keep long in stock gives adjust bring difficulty To this, each old furniture company expresses Dongguan in attaching railing to concrete stairs succession, the enterprise carries out cleanness to manufacture technology and use environmental protection raw material, can...

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