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   save up quantity amounts [20/03/18 09:46AM]   
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artificially, save up quantity amounts to 1 . 2.7 billion tons, bamboo shoot crop 310. 50 thousand tons. Hold water at the organization of international bamboo stockade composite fencing price cane 1997, it is organization of the international between the government that the first headquarters sets in China,...

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   strength of market [20/03/18 09:12AM]   
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key content of beautiful strength of market of light energy plank. As we have learned, last year market of Chongqing light energy already with industrial and new eco-friendly no pollution wood floor commercial wait for a branch to be opposite all management of this market a content that waits for a respect with respect...

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   Dry dust removal by LT method [20/03/18 06:58AM]   
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The whole process of the wet processing system, the technical disadvantages: one is the treatment of gas dust content is high, more than 100mg/m3, to use the gas in the wet electrostatic precipitator are arranged at the rear part of fine dust, the dust concentration below 10mg/m3; two is the two pollution system. The need for sewage treatment; the three is a system of large resistance...

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   lready obtain governmental [20/03/18 05:55AM]   
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trader. Still a few already obtain governmental permission to have forest land to cut the local businessman of authority also hopes with foreign company collaboration composite deck tiles over exsisting deck builds lumber to process a business. Town of military importance of our country woodworker - human relations: teaching...

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   level of the exhibition compared [20/03/18 05:51AM]   
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and other 9236 people. The popularity of the exhibition was hot and the total trade volume exceeded RMB 150 million. The on-site effect recreated a new high. The Chengdu Construction Fair in the Midwest Region was not only dominating in terms of scale,

but also more professional in the overall service level of the exhibition compared to other trade fairs, injecting new...

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