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   important direction for smart homes [13/06/18 04:55AM]   
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director of the Institute of Internet of Things and Electronic Engineering at Beijing University of Science and Technology, pointed out in an interview with a reporter from the China Science Journal. However, since smart homes involve television, lighting, security, and many other devices,

it is not easy for any company to unify the rivers and lakes. At the same time,...

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   Where to produce iron and steel mill casting coal powder vertical coal grinder [12/06/18 11:15AM]   
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"Industrial green power" is the climax of the current urban development plans to introduce, each region has a large capacity pulverized coal preparation of hot flashes, and gradually formed a complete coal washing, coal powder preparation, logistics distribution, boiler transformation, such as industrial chain, realize the sustainable development of social economy green low carbon....

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   imported furniture on the market [12/06/18 10:53AM]   
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Afterwards, there have been media investigations of large-scale imported furniture. There are many problems in the survey results. The reporter has compiled a few major points: Domestic processing: Through the authorization of foreign brands, production in the country, and then For OEM, the origin is still in China.

Domestic original spare parts, foreign assembly: There...

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   Style of incense burner [12/06/18 10:38AM]   
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The style of censer is many, have big, small, square, circle, long, short differ; The quality materials also have copper, iron, tin, stone, ceramic, to show that the price is different; It is engraved with different patterns and characters, indicating different USES. In the family for the ancestral tablets, there is a incense burner on the end of the table. If a buddhist offers...

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   imported furniture are mostly family-friendly [12/06/18 08:50AM]   
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According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs: In the first half of 2014, the national furniture industry completed a total of 1.355 billion U.S. dollars worth of imports, a year-on-year increase of 16.88%.

In recent years, the Suzhou market has imported numerous imported furniture brands, mainly European countries and the United States as the...

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