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   Introduction of adverse effects of idling of magnetic pump [14/06/19 04:44AM]   
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The damage and cost of the magnetic pump to the air will be great. The idling of magnetic pump causes damage to many parts, one pump body, internal magnetic steel, external magnetic steel, static ring, impeller, isolation sleeve, pump shaft, thrust ring, sealing ring, etc. In the process of using the magnetic pump, idle speed is the cause of many failures, so users must understand...

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   Common sense problems that steelmaking must understand (2) [12/06/19 11:51AM]   
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5. Briefly describe the characteristics and mineral composition of slag in the middle of smelting?

Answer: In the middle of smelting, the reaction of carbon and oxygen in the furnace is intense, and the slag is prone to “back to dry”. Its characteristics are high alkalinity and low ferrous oxide content. When the slag has a mineral composition: the main phase is dicalcium...

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   The difference between oil-filled submersible pump and water-filled submersible pump [11/06/19 03:46AM]   
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The so-called water-filled submersible pump is to add water to the motor to cool the motor before the pump works. Customers may ask, if the motor is filled with water, it will not be damaged. We do not add water to the motor here, but add water to the protective shell outside the motor, cooling the motor by water. Oil-filled submersible pump is to refuel the motor, its main function...

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   Unsealed self-priming pumps are more popular in which industries [04/06/19 04:05AM]   
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     The emergence of pump and valve products has benefited in many industries, and it is very convenient when transporting various liquid media, so people also rely on it. However, with the frequent use and various problems in the use of people, people are constantly changing the inadequacies of updating these products.      Take the unsealed...

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   IHGB stainless steel explosion-proof pipeline pump [31/05/19 04:43AM]   
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IHGB vertical stainless steel explosion-proof pipeline pump is a stainless steel corrosion-resistant and explosion-proof motor developed and produced on the basis of ISG ordinary pipeline pump. It is suitable for flammable and explosive chemical and corrosive medium. It also has excellent performance in underground coal mine. The product has explosion-proof qualification certificate...

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