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   processing enterprises [18/09/17 09:16AM]   
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forest network area accounts for 95% of arable land, forest coverage rate reached 37.5%, forest stock of 2.2 million Cubic meters, the annual harvest of timber 300,000 cubic meters. The county vigorously develop the wood processing industry, to strengthen the industry to promote entrepreneurship to promote employment,

the county's small and medium-sized timber processing...

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   garden village is Chinese [18/09/17 08:18AM]   
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As we have learned, garden village is Chinese annatto furniture the first village, be known as " the world annatto the first village " , villages of 10 big international name and timber 6 x 6 smooth lumber pavillion edmonton Chinese name village combined influence force 300 beautiful the 3rd. 2016, implementation of...

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   strength of plank market [18/09/17 07:56AM]   
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lesser to the indirect effect strength of plank market, manufacturer of plywood of most building pattern plate takes money not free, stock room does not fall high,epdm floating deck railing posts the kind that because this manufacturer is adopted more,allows benefit sales promotion will ease inventory pressure.


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   mild steel type g12 g10 g8 welding rods aws e6013 j421 [18/09/17 04:21AM]   
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AWS E6013 J421 G12 G10 G8 WELDING ... Easy arc less smoke Best quality mild steel Welding rods AWS E6013 J421 G12 G10 G8 . ... 1.Mild steel welding rods AWS E6013

G12 G10 G8 Welding Rods, ... type high quality gray color aws e6013 j421 g12 g10 g8 welding rods types. ... Best quality mild steel Welding rods AWS E6013 J421 G12 ...


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   wood flooring production [18/09/17 04:11AM]   
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and strive to 2015, the national forestry output value reached 3.5 trillion yuan. During the period, the development of China's forestry industry successfully responded to the impact of the international financial crisis, continue to maintain a strong momentum to become the world's forest products production and trade power.

Rosin, wood-based panels, wood bamboo rattan...

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