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   the pressure on flooring [18/11/17 07:43PM]   
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initiative to take the initiative to meet the needs of consumers, take the initiative to solve the problems of consumers, take the initiative to expand through the floor to act Brand influence. Flooring companies should clearly understand that only by enhancing the corporate brand effect, consumers will take the initiative to have a good

impression on the floor brand,...

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   wall and floor finishing materials [18/11/17 12:53PM]   
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B & Q, Kyrgyzstan world, Xinjing Building Materials City, Jiangtou Building Materials Market, Guolian Building Materials City, Alishan Building Such as the "Warring States seven male" carved up, the island integrated building materials stores more than 200,000 square meters area,

Jiangdu building materials business dominated the world situation has also been replaced...

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   aspects of the sports flooring [18/11/17 09:51AM]   
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the board does not slippery, not astringent feet, strong performance, good resilience Gymnasium in accordance with the board of sports wood flooring, coated with BONA non-slip water-based paint, BONA non-slip water-based paint produced in Sweden in recent years widely praised by countries around the world, The friction index of the

plate surface is between 0.4-0.7, which...

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   floor business in this industry [18/11/17 06:32AM]   
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product quality is to ensure that enterprises possession Market, which can continue to operate an important means. Flooring companies want bigger and stronger, we must enhance innovation ability, based on efforts to improve product quality and service levels. Throughout the world, every well-known long-standing business, its products or

services, are inseparable from...

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   laminate flooring [17/11/17 01:12PM]   
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of laminate flooring, China's top ten brands of geothermal floor, Chinese consumers love the top ten brands of flooring, Brand 7 awards continued the previous session, the addition of the top ten brands in China's most brand value flooring and China's top ten most influential flooring industry figures, but also reflects the thriving flooring industry

status. The original...

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