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   wood flooring companies to be sold [20/11/17 03:20AM]   
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According to the final ruling, Chinese wood flooring companies to be sold in the United States must Uniden Dutch Dutch, "a one-time payment of 100,000 to 120,000 US dollars, each sold 1 square meters and 0.65 US dollars to pay a patent license fee." It is reported that some Chinese enterprises have paid a patent license fee.

This will greatly weaken the international...

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   supporting the flooring [20/11/17 03:12AM]   
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building investment supporting the flooring industry, as a traditional home building materials industry, has been in the domestic development for more than 30 years. However, changes in the times, the Internet is developed, the new media is not broken soon. As a traditional industry, flooring is facing various challenges. Flooring

companies have resorted to websites,...

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   immediate later produce [20/11/17 02:08AM]   
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days carry blunder. The boss is immediate later produce an area to lock up, also do not recieve. 42.Jiangsu does not have stannum, regard reform as experiment cropland entrance mats safe for composite decks without stannum, a few years ago already environmental protection passed, go industry, do service line of business, result...

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   major floor companies winning [19/11/17 06:59AM]   
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advantages through technical standards, which is China's flooring companies must take the road . (Source text China floor network) At the just-concluded 18th China International Flooring and Pavement Technology Expo in Shanghai's Pudong New International Expo Center, the grand occasion was held for three days in full swing.

Surprisingly, the major floor companies winning,...

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   wood flooring brand network [19/11/17 03:35AM]   
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different regions and different markets. At present, the escalation of consumption can not be stopped. The wooden floor brand learns to precipitate and lay a solid foundation for it to take root and sprout around the world. Information finishing: China's top ten wood flooring brand network In the winter of the industry, the store floor

rent increase also brought many...

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