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   potential epidemic situation [12/03/18 11:21AM]   
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wood that is accumulated in risk of potential epidemic situation really again via risk analysis, eliminate potential risk also can machine a place through limitation functions for backyard decks or be limitative use means further. The log to existence woodiness disease (point to disease of blame quarantine sex only)...

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   the industry still faces various resistances [12/03/18 10:36AM]   
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and it still has no high proportion, and it is still a sunrise industry. "Southern Fund chief strategy analyst, fund manager Yang Delong told this reporter. "The sunrise industry" means that the industry still faces various resistances. The biggest one is the problem of integration.

"If there is no ability to integrate the entire industry chain, this industry is a primary...

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   China's crusher equipment is on the road of intellectualization [12/03/18 09:13AM]   
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With the continuous development of economy, people's material living standards are constantly improving, the products we pursue are becoming more and more intelligent, and intelligent products have entered our life. The equipment of crusher is also gradually moving into intelligent, high power, high yield and automatic crusher equipment will be the future development trend of...

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   Shanghai is lumber [12/03/18 08:59AM]   
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Shandong, Guangdong and Shanghai is lumber is main enter condition port, these are flowed to into condition port and lumber also with coincide of height of corridor of veranda railing decoration materials our country economy, its are highlighted via trade meaning all the more, the risk is prevented control value self-evident...

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   result of African broadness [12/03/18 08:40AM]   
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living things in all 105 kinds, 5663 kinds second. Among them, as a result of African broadness Xie Mu produces an area to belong to underdeveloped area more, seaboard composite panels level of its plant protection is relatively inferior, entrance lumber carries of all kinds and evil living things more easily. A few...

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