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   floor cabinet professional stores [10/11/17 04:57PM]   
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wood mechanics and so on 14 research directions, and many domestic and foreign research institutions and enterprises to maintain a wide range of academic exchanges and technical cooperation. The entire existing staff of 132 people, including 23 PhD, has advanced equipment worth over 100 million yuan.

in the past five years, the Institute received a total of 26 scientific...

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   interior decoration decorates [10/11/17 12:35PM]   
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in density beaverboard " , GB 18580-2001 " interior decoration decorates material the formaldehyde in man-made board and its goods releases set limit to " the requirement that waits for a standard, the exterior union strength of product of beaverboard of the density in be opposite, bibulous ply expands rate, formaldehyde releases a

quantity, inside 5 projects such as...

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   amplitude of domestic [10/11/17 12:19PM]   
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future small order, especially amplitude of domestic outfit thin plate is bigger, this makes clear turn as weather cool, interior diy panels for under decks decoration business begins busy rise, shipment of big batch of predicting plywood market also is met coming. Show level, guangdong market 1220 of 2440 65-70...

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   What floor can be paved floor [10/11/17 10:56AM]   
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According to the insiders, the green cradle project has successfully started a new mode of donating and subsidizing students to Chinese enterprises. Instead of simply staying at the level of subsidizing poor students, it is more about cultivating students' awareness of environmental protection.

and competition and guiding students to carry out More scientific career planning....

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   environmentally friendly flooring [10/11/17 10:28AM]   
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certification series, consumers should be purchased when these national accreditation should do the key verification verification. 2, the technical management system and product quality: 'lay watch the hipster, experts look at the door', the current flooring industry recognized the international quality management certification system is mainly

ISO series, floor products...

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