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   respect home series floor [13/11/17 05:48AM]   
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come out quickly, system standards have to keep up. However, whether or not there is a standard system, companies should achieve product quality and safety. There is no standard and should not be used as an excuse for quality defects. Geothermal floors need to develop relevant standards as soon as possible to the business of a goal to

give consumers a reassurance. (Text...

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   floor to 'heart virtue [13/11/17 04:03AM]   
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Tak Fung Flooring has always been the industry standard as the bottom line, on the basis of wood material selection, production and processing, product testing, and many other areas to improve, to protect each floor are wooden superior, experienced Hundreds of layers of process control, strict control of moisture content, texture clear, to

the last, that the boutique....

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   standards and inspection receipt process [13/11/17 03:38AM]   
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please pay attention to the store's free delivery standards and inspection receipt process. 3, the city free home measurement area. 4, standardized service standards and pavement process and acceptance criteria. 5, after the pavement is completed, before the arrival of free maintenance time,

one year free warranty, life-long maintenance. 6,100% Create customer profiles....

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   Stainless steel pipe rebounded or until June [13/11/17 03:36AM]   
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The second quarter will usher in banned strip steel and IF furnace at the point in time, the profit of steel is still considerable, the steel mills will not be significantly reduced production, higher operating rates and capacity utilization will be maintained. On the demand side, the growth rate of infrastructure investment in 2017 should be around 15%, and the growth rate will...

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   exports wooden furniture [13/11/17 03:06AM]   
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consumer favour. Zhangzhou of before 2017 8 months exports wooden furniture to break through 200 million dollars Before 2017 8 months, zhangzhou composite timber flooring Lesotho examines furniture of wood of exit of discharged of quarantine of quarantine bureau accumulative total 9733 batch, goods is worth 215 million, grow respectively...

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