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   discharges a standard [06/09/17 05:57AM]   
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air pollution content discharges a standard integratedly " is expressed 2 in be restricted to be worth a requirement (1.0 Mg/m3) of grain content ≤ . The storage of experience d ust material, assembling and unassemble must be enclosed the airtight place such as big canopy. The car of all carriage dust must adopt the airtight means such as coal tub type, box type to carry....

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   sold to the field [06/09/17 05:45AM]   
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December 2, Guigang City Forestry Bureau Director Li Xingnan interview: 'In the past we are in the forestry economy is the practice of' cut off the top, cut off the first, the middle away [rsquo ;. Now we have all used, will be a wood u0026 lsquo; eat dry pressing to do u0026 rsquo ;.

'How are these large and small wood processing enterprises in Guigang to form a recycling...

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   economic work conference [06/09/17 04:56AM]   
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These leading enterprises means that we can lead our industry upgrading, on the other hand also reflects the industrial organization we have to cultivate large enterprises, because we all know that we are now foreign industrial structure to protect the interests of small and medium enterprises,

and we are now the main Cultivate leading enterprises, large enterprises,...

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   kualiti barangan dan alam sekitar [06/09/17 04:32AM]   
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mengurangkan kos operasi, meningkatkan tahap perkhidmatan dan cara lain untuk memenangi ruang pasaran yang lebih besar, daripada spekulasi apa yang "sifar keuntungan", "keuntungan negatif" Konsep industri akan mempunyai kesan negatif yang besar. Industri ini percaya bahawa, berbanding dengan kedai serbaneka,

pasar raya berskala besar berskala besar, pasaran pengguna bahan...

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   lumber and wood [06/09/17 04:17AM]   
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Dai Fuquan tells a reporter, silvan natural resources of abroad is very substantial, local lumber price is very low, but price of foreign businessman export is according to market Lightweight Insects Resistant Interior Wall Panels Board demand of China float, broke away...

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