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   only the economic situation [06/09/17 11:55AM]   
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they are unstable, and in particular have some social problems because young adults are working , The elderly, women, children stay at home, in some places where the workers, the divorce rate of farmers is higher than the city's divorce rate, that is not only the economic situation, but also bring the social problems The how to solve this problem?

Which the development...

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   environmental protection ministry [06/09/17 11:53AM]   
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Minister of environmental protection ministry takes a team to begin spot go on a tour of inspection personally. Go on a tour of inspection discovers partial enterprise is treated corrupt exclusive wall paneling by wood establishment runs a circumstance to highlight out of order. Subsequently, environmental protection...

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   large country of forestry [06/09/17 10:38AM]   
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China in 2003, when the wood-based panel production is 4.53 million cubic meters, when more than 10,000 cubic meters of the United States, from 2003 onwards, China's wood-based panel production is basically an annual rate of more than 10 million cubic meters The Our furniture reached 700 million pieces,

our wooden floor reached more than 370 million square meters, our...

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   American lumber import [06/09/17 08:34AM]   
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The area austral Chinese China is achieved to demand of American lumber import new tall With respect to whole character, the import demand that the area austral Chinese China wood composite wall paneling reachs wood to American lumber grows continuously inside 8 years of in the past, achieved the year that is as high...

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   large-scale afforestation [06/09/17 08:20AM]   
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the central expansion of domestic demand increased by 3820 mu Afforestation tasks, so that in 2009 the substantial increase in afforestation area, such as comparable caliber, 2010, still maintain a large-scale afforestation. Forest tending process in 2010,

the central fiscal forest tending subsidies from the 2009 provinces and cities in 12 provinces (units) expanded to...

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