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   show image of brand [14/11/17 02:01AM]   
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doing meeting ginseng, all-around show image of brand of Linyi timber industry. Brand of many timber industry calls noisy whole nation Current, can muriatic acid remove paint from wood linyi city already had Yu Dong of new harbor, Han to come, the 3 China well-known logo such as federal, blessing is amounted to, in 100 million,...

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   quality of the floor [13/11/17 11:24AM]   
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green floor . 'Green core floor' ≠ 'green floor', 'green core' is just an appearance, not all stained with 'green' products are environmentally friendly products, but also does not mean that does not contain free formaldehyde. So for the 'green core' floor, consumers should carefully identify the purchase should pay attention to check the product

test report. Hope...

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   foundation of pilot [13/11/17 11:07AM]   
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2015 on the foundation of pilot job, since 2016, the time that influences with two years is saved to each (municipality, municipality directly Fiberglass Pier Timber under the Central Government) superintend. 2, the place of problem of outstanding to existing environment and the concerned department that has environmental...

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   the industry made its own contribution [13/11/17 09:19AM]   
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The Roentgen Group, by virtue of its integrated scientific and technological research capability and enterprise ownership by virtue of its own R & D, production, installation, management, and color development, The core technology, to improve the development of the industry made its own contribution.

This also shows that Whirlpool flooring technology and management...

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   floor manufacturers do not change [13/11/17 09:02AM]   
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competition. Early low-end enterprises to win the price competition, in the future competition in the Internet e-commerce, flooring companies in this way if it is still to compete, it will kill their own businesses. Today's labor costs rise, while the floor manufacturers do not change the quality of the floor product is poor, this will affect the

manufacturer's brand...

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