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   wooden floor wall construction [14/11/17 06:09AM]   
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determine, and then use the nail fixed prison can be. 5, the floor closing edge. The larger area of ​​the wall when paving the floor, the edge is very important, and now generally use the photo frame edge, the longest frame on the market only 3 meters long, so if the wall will involve longer interface, interface processing Hand over the craft


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   best-selling color and three flagship products [14/11/17 05:36AM]   
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the headquarters with more than 1,000 joint fleet across the country, to create crazy discount "Festival", including Kentucky's two best-selling color and three flagship products: the original price of 99 yuan / m2 and the United States 3001 type, and the United States 3004 floor,

Value shocking price of 55.8 yuan / m2 (bare price); original price of 179 yuan / m2 of...

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   directly by city [14/11/17 05:20AM]   
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controller is made an appointment with directly by city leadership talk, reappear is like after talking 3 times about similar problem, depose of material for deck building on the spot of main to villages and towns, street party card controller and relevant processing. Superintend a branch to each area and city class, outside...

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   now desolate is empty [14/11/17 04:41AM]   
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close down, bisection 3 Qing Dynasty, Decorative Wood Panels Exterior yield original prosperous picture, look now desolate is empty. Environmental protection storm will raid, rise from all directions of lumber industry beacon. Environmental protection is rectified strengthen edition let occurrence...

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   environmental groups called for the original [14/11/17 04:37AM]   
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in the past the sales of merbau accounted for 15% of the proportion. "According to reports, in the international market, Merbau has the price as high as 660 US dollars per cubic meter, while in the country Sold at such a low price, much of it rooted in illegal logging.

Xu manager told reporters that B & Q reason for making this decision is mainly a report of Greenpeace...

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