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   the demand for building materials [14/11/17 09:27AM]   
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In less than 5 years, the factory has been ranked at the forefront of the wood flooring industry in Guangdong Province. At the same time, the scale of production and sales ranks among the highest in the country. What are the key factors for achieving such a good performance?

Ai Liangdong: First of all, thanks to this environment, the rapid development of the national...

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   Laminate flooring not only [14/11/17 08:54AM]   
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bending. Seamless stitching, easier to clean The experience of the use of wood flooring performance in a large extent, the appearance and cleaning. Laminate flooring not only to the surface smooth, that can not touch the hand seams, after prolonged use can still be kept flat and seamless, this is the highest manifestation of quality. The Holy

Elephant laminate flooring...

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   hot potatoes [14/11/17 07:56AM]   
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Ottawwa on Saturday, will offer a lot of a hot potatoes. American president Telangpu (Donald Trump) express, unless have significant change,price per linear foot for blue knotty pine he will abandon this agreement. Canada expresses last month, if the United States drives the controversial issue that cancels a key...

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   illegal phenomenon [14/11/17 07:42AM]   
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business environment illegal phenomenon is relatively outstanding. 3, basis " law of environmental protection " " the opinion that the State Council of patio chairs the wooden slats Central Committee of Communist Party of China pushs zoology civilization to build about accelerating " requirement, central decision...

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