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   blind also pursuit [15/11/17 04:37AM]   
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effect of brand of not blind also pursuit, should examine certificate of approval, quality carefully to detect certificate. plastic composite plywood 4 prices are too low want discretion The aggrandizement floor with too low price wants to be bought carefully, the floor is very cheap, used the material with bad quality...

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   out of the wood flooring market [15/11/17 04:33AM]   
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which also corresponds to the wear-resistant layer Corundum abrasive content. National standards, products above 6000r suitable for home use, and public places must be above 9000r. 6 lacquer and laminate flooring is different is that solid wood flooring and parquet board after paint processing,

the selection should check the paint to be uniform, smooth, smooth. No leakage...

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   course of study expresses [15/11/17 03:06AM]   
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personage inside course of study expresses, the performance characteristics with aggrandizement crucial floor is unqualified, will affect floor composite decks with contrasting railing pictures quality directly, shorten the service life of the floor or health of harm human body. Floor of woodiness of lamination of paper of much...

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   the floor manufacturer [15/11/17 02:49AM]   
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satisfaction of each space to move closer, this is also a trend. Each mature industry to a certain extent, return to reason is inevitable. Only in this way can we sustain sustainable growth. Practical, just based on the material itself is satisfied, more is based on the details of the move. Flooring industry, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, window

and other space relative...

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   the floor if properly [15/11/17 02:48AM]   
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resistance and the average wear resistance, the consumer reference should be the average wear resistance or initial wear value instead of the final value. Home reinforced floor initial wear value or the average wear-resistant value of at least 6000 rpm, with such a revolution of the floor if properly used, life expectancy can reach 20 years. In

addition, the purchase...

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