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   the national industrial policy support [08/09/17 04:38PM]   
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the main use of wood and the small three small wood fuel material, timber resources, comprehensive utilization rate than pure wood 3 -5 times, can effectively solve the shortage of forest resources in China and the market demand for wood and a large contradiction.

Therefore, the wood-based panel industry by the national industrial policy support, the State Ministry of...

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   enterprise imports content [08/09/17 03:14PM]   
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make the enterprise imports content portland lumber composite decking 4ft x 8ft to shed cost to decrease 43% , will arrive before of harbor goods close time to fall by 5~6 day to 2~3 day, can save business other people to flow considerably cost and raise content to shed efficiency of have enough to meet need, reduce...

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   becomes the dominant [08/09/17 10:04AM]   
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this one industry also becomes the dominant industry that for Shang Guanying village masses get rich becomes rich gradually. From buy makeThe classic furniture industry that the pine forest presses down basically is centered in Shang Guanying village. This village is pine forest town and villages and towns of circumjacent Cheap...

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   Stainless steel tube manufacturer management program [08/09/17 09:41AM]   
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1. target management. The implementation of each project has a clear overall system goal from customer engagement to contract negotiation to specific implementation. In the implementation of the project, the overall system objectives are decomposed into several stages of the target, each stage of the target re-decomposed into a number of small targets, and ultimately decomposed...

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   sticky agent fountainhead [08/09/17 05:34AM]   
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from glue sticky agent fountainhead put an end to formaldehyde to introduce, make the veneer that do not have aldehyde kind man-made board, rise greatly artificial fast the product of wood of home depot composite decking material unripe Lin Yang is add value. In the meantime, leave out gelatinize controls segment beforehand,...

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