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   seemingly flawed wood flooring [15/11/17 08:39AM]   
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Dark-toned floor appeal and expressive, distinctive personality characteristics, light-colored floor style simple, fresh and elegant. In recent years, some seemingly flawed wood flooring, such as the tree section, insect eyes, decadent, cracked textured floor demand is that people attach importance to the natural,

back to nature reflects the concept of reflection. Second,...

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   town shut on August [15/11/17 08:38AM]   
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of justice hall town shut on August 10 stop the first gun, issue an announcement, the company inside requirement area under administration Black Wood Plastic Fence Sheets Bulgaria shuts entirely stop, rectify and reform the environmental protection that enterprise oneself exists,...

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   the prize for progress in science [15/11/17 07:31AM]   
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At that time, the team we organized was a national research team composed of first-class experts in our country. In this team, I worked for a full decade and learned a lot in scientific research. When I was 30, I was already in China Director of Photoelectric Technology Development Center,

and won the prize for progress in science and technology. Perhaps it is personality,...

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   natural flooring is famous [15/11/17 06:04AM]   
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of the floor to move, and the edge of the lock The buckle is generally no problem, in the future that a broken is also easy to change, but at home more, it is best to nails, can play a more insurance role. Seize the user's mind, is to give the product a 'tease point', to tease people, the most important thing is to seize the user's psychological

needs, commonly known...

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   development of the flooring industry [15/11/17 04:54AM]   
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"Antibacterial flooring is certainly a future trend of the development of the flooring industry, but for now, there are many technical problems to be solved, especially antibacterial safety issues." China Professor Yang Zibin from Kyowa Medical University said:

"At present, many companies claim that their products use nanomaterials. When their particles reach nano-scale,...

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