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   has the following [16/03/18 09:49AM]   
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exit tendency, the reason basically has the following at 3 o'clock: 1. " industry + can exhibit + the market " development mode, arrange industry of machinery of heat insulation wpc manufacturer latvia De Mu project quickly form and develop, for suitable heart the exit of woodworker product lays a foundation. 2....

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   upgrade Issue date [16/03/18 09:23AM]   
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aggrandizement wood floor to upgrade Issue date: 2002-4-23 origin: Since aggrandizement wood floor entered Chinese market 1994 oneself, get all the time the market study leader composite decking favour of consumer, already became a family to decorate the first selection of ground material at present. Has used people...

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   Heat treatment process of castings [16/03/18 08:31AM]   
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When the binder is burned, the core sand and the molding sand become loose, and the high speed fan, installed at the top, blowing through the casting and blowing the sand to the bottom of the furnace. When the core sand and the molding sand are in the high temperature oxygen rich furnace environment, the great energy of the binder in the sand can be released. The pressure difference...

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   superintend entrust agreement [16/03/18 08:13AM]   
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ccredit a power of attorney, superintend entrust agreement " ; 2, " deep outfit assist domestic outfit project superintends a center " be in charge of superintending composite plastic wood decking boards uk home of company of elegant front courtyard to hold project quality and service; 3, classics " deep outfit assist domestic...

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   future strong wood home industry strong [16/03/18 06:51AM]   
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Invoices are issued to the company at the fair site or sent to their company upon request. If the exhibition is withdrawn from the exhibition, the exhibition fee will not be refunded. If the exhibition is terminated due to force majeure factors (such as war, natural disaster, epidemic situation, administrative orders, etc.),

both parties will no longer perform the exhibition...

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