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   the merits of the product quality [11/09/17 09:54AM]   
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Durable, not only the product to wear, but also including the substrate density, stability, internal bonding strength, the expansion of the thickness of water absorption and resistance to hot and cold, corrosion resistance, resistance and other performance is better;

the same time, production equipment performance is good or bad, processing The level of precision and...

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   timberwork build the promotion [11/09/17 08:30AM]   
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we predict as the residence standardization and timberwork build the promotion in home, OSB will gain development good opportunity. The particieboard in man-made board is used occupy lower,Commercial Wood Composite Floor Decking supply is relatively rigid. The man-made in our country...

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   flooring and cabinets [11/09/17 07:35AM]   
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plate prices have risen, particleboard, the plate price of each unit rose about 5 yuan, decorated panel is raised 5 yuan per square meter Reporters understand that the price increases, may lead to lower prices of downstream products, many of the raw materials for the board of furniture, flooring and cabinets estimated may also have a new round of price hikes.

Raw material...

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    supply continuously commodity [11/09/17 04:24AM]   
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Lumber is the resource that can supply continuously commodity, this are beyond question, especially to needle leaf material, the government that should have normative science only can be inside shorter time use circularly with respect to implementation resource. But begin from 2017,trek wood cost per foot china prohibits...

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   collect cutting material [11/09/17 04:05AM]   
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with period drive what collect cutting material and lumber product legally to use with the sale. The draft of executive act already was released on Feburary 22 this year, mixing to public consult opinion proposal. What in the light of wood the building needs raw material to have diversity this one circumstance, cheap...

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