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   bureau advances manufacturing [12/09/17 07:33AM]   
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this bureau advances manufacturing company actively to classify management and plant product risk to manage by different levels, add a kind of company newly 2016 2, 2 kinds of door and window profiles composite decking specifications enterprises 28, adopt through waiting to product of tall classification enterprise,...

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   particieboard on market [12/09/17 06:08AM]   
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as a result of good and evil people mixed up of goods of the particieboard on market, brought about average consumer to cannot identify the stand or fall of flooring with good ventilation detail particieboard truly. Stability: Arranging core board is actually by a dig of a long, wide, thick likeness piece, dig piece...

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   mahogany industry [12/09/17 05:09AM]   
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Is the material of the culture and habits caused by. After the taste of 80 new business opportunities in China, mahogany furniture is not just furniture, it is a symbol of art and the owner of wealth. But the development of mahogany culture, we must use new wood to support,

and constantly develop new wood species, the development is not for everyone to understand the...

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   abet price draws [12/09/17 03:06AM]   
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International lumber market observes: Driving and abet price draws Ao Guman demand litre Market of latter Africa Ao Guman becomes driving, chinese businessman purchases Will A Composite Cleaner Get The Sap Off The Deck specific material actively to be like,be planted abstruse...

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   export the forehead [11/09/17 12:59PM]   
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Indonesian have FLEGT attestation wood to always export the forehead to even more 400 million dollar Indonesian environment and forestry ministry report, come from tongue groove porch floor agent November 2016 by this year Feburary, commerce of forestation of market of hold European Union implements a law (FLEGT) the...

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